A Blizzardy Day…

While trapped inside this weekend, I had a little time to put paw to paper and jotted down a little poem. What did you do?

A Blizzardy Day   by Sam Dog

What do you do on a blizzardy day?

Do you join with the wind and howl away?

Where do you “go”?

What’s there to do?

What happens when all the bones are chewed through?

What do you do when it snows THREE feet deep?

…Snuggle down in your bed and go to sleep!



A Charmed Life

I have to say that odd and wonderful things happen to me all of the time. Want an example?

The other day, The Boy and I were out on my morning walk. Him, whistling for his feathered friends (a story for another day) and me, sniffing around for that skunk I had “run into” a few weeks ago (yet another story for another day).  As we passed by a small house on our block, a very animated man ran out to greet us. He had seen us walk by before and was intrigued by my size and demeanor. As The Boy answered his many questions about me, I went off sniffing again. Suddenly, I heard my name and the word hamburger. HAMBURGER?!?  I stopped dead in my tracks. Was this kind gentleman asking if I could have a hamburger? At 8:30am?   I gave The Boy my best pleading look that said, “Please say yes. PLEASE SAY YESSSSS.” And he did!

Now, this was not some scrappy leftover hamburger that was tossed to me on the street.  It turned out that this guy was pure class. We were invited into his warm, cozy house where he took a fresh burger from his freezer and proceeded to cook it  – just for me!   I did my best to mind my manners, although I think I may have drooled on his sofa as I graciously nibbled at the warm burger that was hand-fed to me. What service! With my belly full, we hung out for a few more minutes as it wouldn’t have been polite to dine and dash. Then it was back home for my morning nap.

You may not be surprised to learn that I sneaked away from The Boy yesterday on my walk. The minute his back was turned, I trotted off to my new friend’s house. Once there, I scratched ever so politely at his front door. I waited (and waited) for his answer but one never came. I’d hate to think that I was being ignored.  Maybe my new friend was just out of hamburgers.


The past few months were interesting ones for me. I packed my bed, bones and dog tags and moved with the Boy and Girl to another state. While I was expecting a summer of long walks and lawn lounging, what I didn’t expect was a roommate. A roommate who was small, fluffy and that made an odd hissing noise at me when ever I walked past. Her name was Sadie and she resided as the queen of the castle.

Sure. Sadie was a lovable kitty when family was around but I was kinda afraid of her and I think she liked that. Who wouldn’t be afraid of her? She looked sweet but Sadie was a killing machine – capable of knocking off not one, but sometimes two, field mice a day. She would leave them as “gifts” by the front door for the family – as to which they would pet her and actually thank her for the dead mouse (give me a break!).

She also had a vicious left hook, complete with knifey claws. They were enough to keep me trapped in a corner one day until Sadie was shooed away and I was rescued. I know what you are thinking but I decided to take the high road and let her act out her aggressions in hopes that, one-day, she would eventually warm to me.

Well, that day finally came. How did I know? I found a single dead mouse laid gently next to my water bowl. Lucky me.

This picture was taken in the dark of night of Sadie letting me sleep in her living room (post water bowl peace offering).


Birds of a Feather

I was woken this morning by the strangest sound – one that I haven’t heard before. It wasn’t the call of the garbage men, or cries from the multitude of squirrels in the tree by my window. It was a hoot….a real hoot  (and I am not talking about a good ol’ time)!

The hoot was coming from my yard and I couldn’t get out there fast enough to investigate. After sniffing around, I came to a very leafy tree where I found him perched high up in the cover. His head followed me sleepily as he gazed at me with his wise eyes and I felt a kindred spirit – sitting, resting quietly, in the peace of the yard on warm spring morning.

I am not sure how long he has been there, or how long he will stay, but I am glad he came! Here he is in his tree. Pretty amazing huh?

Blowing My Cover

Espionage, secret agent, sabotage? I could be involved in all of these and at risk of blowing my cover at any moment.

In my dreams!

No, I’m literally blowing my cover! The fur is flying fast and furiously off my body in tune with the change of season. Weight loss has never been so easy. I feel that I’m one good shake away from my new svelte self! This shedding is happening at an incredible rate and it seems like I am leaving little parts of me all over…on the floor, on the furniture, on your clothes. I hear the Girl grumbling at the vacuum about it being like tumbleweed that blows through the house but I’d like to think of it as little love notes, from me to you.

PS: If anyone knows good deshedding tools or tips, let me know and I will pass them onto the Girl!

Sunning myself in the new Spring grass!



Feeling Hot Hot Hot

No, I’m not on some exotic vacation, lounging by a pool, howling out party songs …but I wish I were. I am “Feeling Hot Hot Hot” due to a hot spot on my back. Hopefully your pups never experience a patch of super itch like this on their bodies.  I have to say, it’s quite uncomfortable and, in recent days, I have twisted myself into shapes that would make a Yogi envious. I’ll do anything to lick that spot for one brief moment of sweet relief.

The Boy has tried everything over the past few days to get me to stop but I just can’t keep away from it, so, the next stop is (gulp) the Vet. I don’t think I will mind going this time though. If my Vet can do anything to stop this insane itching, I will gladly march into his office and jump up on his exam table. Heck, I may even give him a thank you lick when all is said and done!

A New Year – Same Old Me

So how’s that New Year’s resolution you made few weeks ago going?

Like you – I faced the New Year with several options for resolutions. Would I give up digging holes in the backyard? Maybe stop howling outside the Chinese takeout for crispy noodles? I was thinking that I could cut back on eating any food or food-like substance I find on the street during my walks (it only goes to my hips). I know the Girl would love it if I could give up shedding – but that’s impossible. And the Boy? He would be thankful if I stopped waking him up in the middle of the night – but when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. My head was spinning with so many choices.
Then it dawned on me that resolutions are usually about giving up something you like and how is doing that supposed to make the New Year a happy one? So what did I decide? I decided that I am giving up making a New Year’s resolution this year and, I have to tell you, at this point, I’m doing pretty good!

May your resolutions be as successful! Here’s to a happy and healthy 2012 for all!