Sam is a laid back fellow with a gentle soul and stoic personality. He is the beloved dog of professional photographer Ron Schmidt and writer Amy Schmidt, owners of Loose Leashes. Sam lives in NJ along with his human siblings Rory and Tess.

It’s a dog’s world and Sam wants to share his with you. Check back often for his musings!

To see Ron Schmidt’s work visit: www.looseleashes.com


3 thoughts on “About

  1. My Italian greyhound”Nitro”is such a little love.The neighbor’s keep asking if a chunk broke off my real dog.Wolfgang the great Dane.Sad part is Wolfie is now only with us in spirit.It’s nice to know everyone remember’s him.

  2. My husband bought me the Lewie and Clark “Adventurers” print for my birthday a few years ago and I just love it! You see I had recently lost my beloved Black Lab, Shadow, and rescued a Yellow Lab, Chloe. They look similar to Lewie and Clark, and we even do a lot of canoeing. Then a year or two ago I saw the Lewie and Clark print featuring them in the back of an old truck that looked like the old truck my husband had when he worked on a ranch in Wyoming. I marked the page and planned to buy it for him for Christmas. You know how you get flooded with catalogs at Christmas time? Well, the catalog disappeared and I spent the next year or two looking for the print. We’re redecorating right now and I have the perfect spot for another Lewie and Clark, or Shadow and Chloe print. Much to my delight, I found this site and the long lost print is on its way — if I had a tail it would be wagging!

    Love reading your musings, Sam, and please tell your Sir his work brings back many happy memories for me — more Lewie and Clark please! 🙂

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