Made in the Shade

Uncle! The heat of the past two weeks has been unbearable for a wooly mammoth like me. I am better built for snow than sun!  I think I have logged, at most, about 1 mile in walks over the past 14 days. This is not for lack of  trying by The Boy and The Girl to walk me. I just didn’t feel like it and, being 120 (svelte) pounds of dog, I can’t be made to go anywhere I don’t want to go…unless there is a cookie involved.

Luckily, a break in the heat got me out of the house yesterday – to where I found my favorite tree, dug a hole and planted myself for an afternoon siesta!   Lemonade please!



One thought on “Made in the Shade

  1. Dear “Girl” (as Sam refers to you, Amy). These blogs are absolutely wonderful! I hope you are keeping a copy of each one in a separate Sam’s file. Bet Random House would be happy to issue a book entitled Sam’s Diary alone. Keep up the good (enjoyable) work! Love Ya!

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