School’s Out (and I Pout)

School is out and there is much celebrating by everyone…but me. Why, you ask? I have made a dear friend. One that is happy to see me in sun, wind, rain, sleet, snow and bitter cold.  You are thinking that it’s the postman but you are wrong. It’s the crossing guard.

I met Carol the Crossing Guard when school started this year and she has quickly become one of my favorite people.  Each school day, Carol waits with a pocket full of treats for the endless train of hounds who literally bound towards her, dragging their owners to the crosswalk for their morning treat.  Sometimes I need to be polite and wait in line behind Sonny, Stella and Fred. But sometimes, I get Carol to myself and she slips me an extra treat (or two!). Most days Carol is the only reason I get out of bed.

So while many of you enjoy the dog days of summer, I will be eagerly awaiting the start of the new school year. Fall can’t come fast enough!

Me, with my dear friend, Carol the Crossing Guard, on the last day of school.



2 thoughts on “School’s Out (and I Pout)

  1. Owh sam I bet Carol is going to miss you this summer too! Just think now that the kids are home from school you will be able to play with them!

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