A Charmed Life

I have to say that odd and wonderful things happen to me all of the time. Want an example?

The other day, The Boy and I were out on my morning walk. Him, whistling for his feathered friends (a story for another day) and me, sniffing around for that skunk I had “run into” a few weeks ago (yet another story for another day).  As we passed by a small house on our block, a very animated man ran out to greet us. He had seen us walk by before and was intrigued by my size and demeanor. As The Boy answered his many questions about me, I went off sniffing again. Suddenly, I heard my name and the word hamburger. HAMBURGER?!?  I stopped dead in my tracks. Was this kind gentleman asking if I could have a hamburger? At 8:30am?   I gave The Boy my best pleading look that said, “Please say yes. PLEASE SAY YESSSSS.” And he did!

Now, this was not some scrappy leftover hamburger that was tossed to me on the street.  It turned out that this guy was pure class. We were invited into his warm, cozy house where he took a fresh burger from his freezer and proceeded to cook it  – just for me!   I did my best to mind my manners, although I think I may have drooled on his sofa as I graciously nibbled at the warm burger that was hand-fed to me. What service! With my belly full, we hung out for a few more minutes as it wouldn’t have been polite to dine and dash. Then it was back home for my morning nap.

You may not be surprised to learn that I sneaked away from The Boy yesterday on my walk. The minute his back was turned, I trotted off to my new friend’s house. Once there, I scratched ever so politely at his front door. I waited (and waited) for his answer but one never came. I’d hate to think that I was being ignored.  Maybe my new friend was just out of hamburgers.


3 thoughts on “A Charmed Life

  1. Sam, What a sweet story! I am glad you found a new friend who likes to feed you. I hope he feds you again the next time he see you. What a friend to have!

  2. What a nice treat for you, Sam! Maybe it’s just the overprotective mother in me, but… How old is your boy? He, and you, both need to be a little wary of strangers bearing gifts, and going into strangers’ homes. Just be careful out there! 🙂

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