The past few months were interesting ones for me. I packed my bed, bones and dog tags and moved with the Boy and Girl to another state. While I was expecting a summer of long walks and lawn lounging, what I didn’t expect was a roommate. A roommate who was small, fluffy and that made an odd hissing noise at me when ever I walked past. Her name was Sadie and she resided as the queen of the castle.

Sure. Sadie was a lovable kitty when family was around but I was kinda afraid of her and I think she liked that. Who wouldn’t be afraid of her? She looked sweet but Sadie was a killing machine – capable of knocking off not one, but sometimes two, field mice a day. She would leave them as “gifts” by the front door for the family – as to which they would pet her and actually thank her for the dead mouse (give me a break!).

She also had a vicious left hook, complete with knifey claws. They were enough to keep me trapped in a corner one day until Sadie was shooed away and I was rescued. I know what you are thinking but I decided to take the high road and let her act out her aggressions in hopes that, one-day, she would eventually warm to me.

Well, that day finally came. How did I know? I found a single dead mouse laid gently next to my water bowl. Lucky me.

This picture was taken in the dark of night of Sadie letting me sleep in her living room (post water bowl peace offering).



2 thoughts on “Roommates

  1. Poor Sam! You and Sadie will warm to each other in time — promise! In the meantime, please ask your man, Ron, to photograph some German Shepherd Dogs. An Akita would be good, too. Thanks, and best of luck with that pretty cat. 🙂

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