Blowing My Cover

Espionage, secret agent, sabotage? I could be involved in all of these and at risk of blowing my cover at any moment.

In my dreams!

No, I’m literally blowing my cover! The fur is flying fast and furiously off my body in tune with the change of season. Weight loss has never been so easy. I feel that I’m one good shake away from my new svelte self! This shedding is happening at an incredible rate and it seems like I am leaving little parts of me all over…on the floor, on the furniture, on your clothes. I hear the Girl grumbling at the vacuum about it being like tumbleweed that blows through the house but I’d like to think of it as little love notes, from me to you.

PS: If anyone knows good deshedding tools or tips, let me know and I will pass them onto the Girl!

Sunning myself in the new Spring grass!




4 thoughts on “Blowing My Cover

  1. Problems with shedding, eh? Well, I happen to work at a pet store, so I have a suggestion: fish oil and a FURminator!

    These things work GREAT! I’ve used them myself, they are amazing. And the fish oil will really help keep your skin in top condition, which in turn affects your gorgeous white coat, as well as a whole slew of other great benefits.

    Hope this helps!

  2. The Furminator works great, but be SURE to only use it occasionally, when needed. I made the mistake of using it daily, and nearly scalped my poor baby before I knew it! (She loves it, by the way.)

  3. I was also going to suggest the yellow fulminator, but you already heard about that miracle tool. I read in Martha Stewart’s magazine that adding flax seed oil to your dog’s food helps minimize shedding too. I tried it consistently 2x a day, every day, last summer with my 2 dogs and have to say I didn’t notice much difference. Maybe I wasn’t using enough or something though? Pet hair comes with the pets and you just remind your Girl that you’re worth every flying’ one, sweetie! 🙂

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