Man of Few Words

The scene: Monday morning, about 5am. I am snug on the floor, wedged between the Girl’s side of the bed and the wall – above me, an open window with a gentle breeze blowing through. Enter, one yippy dog in the neighborhood who begins to bark and bark and bark.

I try my best to ignore the barking, as does the Girl and Sir, who both roll over, away from the window. I too think I can ignore the noise and start dozing off until the pooch that lives in the house behind us feels like he needs to chime in! Now at 5:05am, we have two dogs in a barking contest.

Who can sleep with all of this?!  I pull myself up and prepare to give these two a piece of my mind. Filled with utter annoyance, I deliver a deep, loud “Arrrroooyooooooofff!” out the window. And in return? Complete silence!  I must have sounded like I meant business.

With that, I look at the Girl with a satisfied smile, curl onto the floor and drift back into my peaceful…and quiet dreamland.


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