Gifts For Mom

It’s almost Mother’s Day again and I am wondering what to get my human mom. Now, I don’t get an allowance for cleaning the crumbs off the floor so buying something is out. I’ve heard that gifts from the heart are best so here is a list of “gifts” from me to her:

  1. A poop free Sunday walk. I think I could hold it in long enough so that she wouldn’t have anything to clean up. This would involve some planning though as I will either need to make sure my duty gets done on my Saturday night walk or cut out the chow until after our walk on Sunday.
  2. Let her sleep in. This is harder said than done, but I could hold off my morning pee for a few extra minutes…a few extra minutes. Ok – better not drink anything the night before either.
  3. Let her enjoy breakfast in peace. I will try my best not to sit and drool on her feet as she eats her Mother’s Day brunch.  I will hide away so as not to be tempted by bagels, eggs, bacon…Oh, dear. This may be a hard one.

So there I’ll be Sunday – constipated, parched and starving but I will be wagging my tail because it’s worth it for the love I get.  Happy Mother’s Day. Love you mom!!


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