Discovering Myself

So I’ve been away for a while. Maybe I was in a winter funk. Maybe my new stint as a therapy dog that has kept me from putting paw to paper but now I am back and with a stunning development!

If you’ve read my blog, you know there has been some question as to what breed I am. I do love listening to all of the guesses from people we meet on walks. They look at me with squinted eyes, concentrating hard to figure out what could possibly result in a dog with my size, demeanor and bright white coloring. Some interesting guesses have been:

White Shepherd

Lab and Great Dane mix

Yellow Lab and Mastiff mix

Greyhound and Lab mix

Great Pyrenees (close but no cigar)

My favorite? The little girl who looked at me and asked if she could “pet the goat”!

So, what am I? We discovered that I am an Akbash – a Turkish live stock guard dog. My breed’s job is to protect sheep. We are white so we can blend in with the flock and we are able to run super fast to catch nasty wolves that may be lurking for a lamb dinner.  Lastly, we are completely loyal to our flock and to our master.

And how did we find this interesting fact out? On one of our walks of course!  This time the guess right (the man was from Turkey).   A quick search on the web confirmed it and now I have been discovered…but I will miss that guessing game!

As you know, I was rescued and am thankful everyday for the life I have. There are more of my kind out there looking for good homes. Here is link to some of my friends who need help!

Bark back soon!


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