It’s been a while since my last post and you may have wondered where I have been. I’ve been studying! The test – Therapy Dog Certification which allows me to visit schools, hospitals, nursing homes and any other place where I can bring a smile and help in healing.  My studying involved following a series of commands – sit, stay, heel. I got those easily. My hardest command to learn was “leave it”. It’s so hard to leave a delicious morsel of cheese lying on the floor – to just walk away! Who could do such a thing? But, I was determined to pass this test so I bucked up and left it.

The day of test, I was clean, courteous and kind.  I followed each command to a tee and my hard work paid off! I PASSED!  My first visit is set for November when I will be visiting with pre-schoolers who will be learning about Good Citizen and Therapy dogs.  I am excited by my new career prospects and look forward to sharing my adventures with you!

Me, celebrating after the test!


3 thoughts on “Certified

  1. Congratulations, Sam!!! We know you will brighten the days of everybody you meet…. a CGC title is something you, Mom and Dad should be VERY proud of! The best of luck to you!

  2. What a beautiful, wonderful animal you are! I’m so glad you were found by a caring person, who in turn, found a great forever home for you. With this certification you now have an abundance of opportunities to make alot of folks smile & make happy! You make me smile just looking at your picture!

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