Day Trippin’

I was lucky to take a day trip to the hometown of Frank Sinatra and the Cake Boss, good old Hoboken, NJ. What a dog friendly town this place is! I even got to dine outdoors at posh lunch spot.  For a mile square town, it seems there are as many dogs as people and with that, there are a lot of great places for us furry faces.

At Elysian Cafe, I was welcomed and treated to a bowl of cold water while Sir and the Girl dined (and slipped me french fries). Next up, a trip to my favorite pet store, Cornerstone Pets. The owner, Jeff, has a terrific store full of great “gear, grub and garnish” for pet owners. He has a great on-line store and even makes local deliveries. This is a picture of Jeff giving the red carpet treatment to one of his favorite customers (me!).

The last stop of the day was the Church Square Dog Park, one of three dog parks in the town.  I had a great time meeting new friends, being pet and drinking from this fabulous fountain.

If you are lucky enough to visit Hoboken, please pop by to give a woof to Jeff. Now off to nibble on some tasty cannolis!

Cornerstone Pets, 105 Ninth Street  Hoboken, NJ 07030


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