These are the people in my neighborhood

Hooray! It’s finally nice out and some of my favorite people are back on the streets. I’ve missed them over the winter and am happy to see them again on my morning walk!  There’s the nice older man with the white hair who always yells ” My friend!” the moment he sees me and gives me a great big hug each morning.  The lovely lady with long blonde hair, who takes her beagle out for a breakfast rice cake, always stops to scratch my ears. Next, is my friend the cookie lady. She gives me a few bones if I howl (quietly) outside of her back door. On the way to the coffee shop, the owner of the nail salon pops out to pat me (although I get feeling that her little dog doesn’t like me too much). And, the gang at the coffee shop is always happy to see me. And that’s just my morning walk!

I hate to admit that I don’t know any of their names, but they all sure seem to know mine! I am lucky to have such great neighbors!


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