Fran the Dove

A new “pet” arrived in our yard this week. It’s a dove that my family has named Fran.  Actually, this is Fran The Second. The first Fran laid an egg in my family’s city window box one Mother’s Day then promptly abandoned the nest (so much for “motherly love”). This new Fran decided to build her lovely quaint nest in a small tree in the common area of our yard where 5 children, all under the age of seven, play and run and scream.

Yesterday, as we were all outside, Fran The Second and I locked eyes over the squealing and shouting of a water gun battle. I got the distinct feeling that she was enjoying all of the commotion, maybe in preparation for her brood that was about to arrive. But, this morning, Fran The Second flew the coop. Her nest is empty. I don’t think she had laid her eggs yet so I’d like to think that she left to take advantage of a few last days of peace and quiet before her own chirping brigade of birdie babies arrive. Good luck Fran The Second! I’ll miss you.


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