Happy Birthday to ME!!

It’s my birthday week!


Yes, I said week. My 5th birthday is Tuesday, January 26th but I have realized that a typical 1 day celebration can stretch into a whole week of special walks, tasty treats, and extra hugs and kisses!!

My week celebration started this Sunday with a long beach hike as a pre-birthday treat. I got to run and run and run down the beach…unleashed! What freedom!¬† Here is what I have planned for the rest of the week:

  • Today, is my pre B-day celebration My family has already started with the extra hugs and kisses in anticipation of the big day
  • Tomorrow – my actual birthday! I can’t wait for the birthday treats…not to mention PRESENTS!! Wonder what I’ll get???
  • Wednesday¬† – the day after.¬† On my evening walk, I’ll pull towards my favorite Chinese take-out place where they will be told of my recent birthday. The result? A shower of almond cookies – IN MY MOUTH!

    Me, unleashed, on the beach

  • Thursday – at the groomer’s they notice that’s it’s my birthday on their chart (but will hopefully NOT notice that it’s time for another rabies shot…ouch!). They may even give me a cool bandana to wear.
  • Friday – With my fur glowing white, people will stop to comment at how I gleam and will be told that I had my birthday suit cleaned! Let the hugging begin!
  • Saturday – Party 2! Grandma has been away on vacation and missed my birthday so she is coming to celebrate her favorite granddog – ME!

Happy birthday to me!


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