Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Goodbye summer. Hello fall. I’m gonna admit it, I already miss the summer (except for those darn fireworks). I know that I complained of the heat and my panting was annoying, even to me, but I will miss those long summer night strolls, sun showers and head out the window car rides.  As it gets colder, my walks will become shorter, sun showers will turn into sleet and I’ll be curled in the backseat of my car watching the world pass through a pane of glass. There is one thing about fall that makes my heart sing though…leaf chasing!

Chasing Leaves

Chasing leaves is always fun,

Especially in the autumn sun.

As leaves flutter from the trees

I try to catch them in the breeze.

Red and yellow, tan and brown

So many leaves are falling down.

Way too many leaves to chase,

I’m getting tired. I can’t keep pace!

So instead I think I’ll leap

Into that giant, just-raked, heap!

Written by Amy Schmidt,  ©2009

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