The Escape Hatch

So, it’s been exciting times. I have a new place to go work every day!  The Boy and Girl are in the process of opening a studio gallery in our new hometown of Newburyport, MA.

While I do love the walk, which takes me past the coffee shop, the hot dog cart and through the playground, I dislike the fact that I have to actually stay in the studio while the Boy and Girl work. I rather be sniffing about and making new friends.

The other day, opportunity knocked! Well, technically, it knocked and left the back door slightly ajar so I escaped. I took the hallway stairs up and entered into a beautiful store with all kinds of trinkets, clothing and food items from Britain. I started to meander toward the front when I heard gasps. Looking to see what had happened, I realized the gasps were for me! I guess they had never seen such a handsome customer before.

Luckily, the owner was a dog lover. She gave me a big hug and found my rightful owners, only to return a little while later with a few more people to meet me. The local chapter of the Sam Fan Club has officially started! Now, if I can only get the hot dog cart lady to join!

Planning my next escape

Being a celebrity is hard work!




Vacation, All I Ever Wanted…

At first, I thought that I was being left at home. I overheard two key words: vacation and lake and was being ignored with all of the packing and rushing around. Oddly, I didn’t see my bed being taken to the truck and my bowl wasn’t packed either. I started to panic. I would not be left behind!

I saw my chance. The screen door had not closed entirely so I stealthily slid outside and planted myself in the back of the open truck. I’m not sure who was more shocked – The Boy, when he found me seated and ready to go, or me, because The Boy was holding my bed and my bowl in his hands! I was going all along. Silly me!

Here is a picture of me in the deep end of the lake – well, the deepest I’ll venture without needing to swim.


Made in the Shade

Uncle! The heat of the past two weeks has been unbearable for a wooly mammoth like me. I am better built for snow than sun!  I think I have logged, at most, about 1 mile in walks over the past 14 days. This is not for lack of  trying by The Boy and The Girl to walk me. I just didn’t feel like it and, being 120 (svelte) pounds of dog, I can’t be made to go anywhere I don’t want to go…unless there is a cookie involved.

Luckily, a break in the heat got me out of the house yesterday – to where I found my favorite tree, dug a hole and planted myself for an afternoon siesta!   Lemonade please!


Caught in the Act

Was I found with my paw in the cookie jar? Did I trash the house digging through the garbage for delicious scraps from dinner?  Was it the stolen lick that I took from the little girl’s ice cream cone? Maybe, but if no one saw it, it didn’t happen.

My crime? Stealing 40 winks. I know, I know.  Naptime shouldn’t be a crime – unless you are found napping in the one place where you know you should not be napping. The guest bed…

The Evidence




School’s Out (and I Pout)

School is out and there is much celebrating by everyone…but me. Why, you ask? I have made a dear friend. One that is happy to see me in sun, wind, rain, sleet, snow and bitter cold.  You are thinking that it’s the postman but you are wrong. It’s the crossing guard.

I met Carol the Crossing Guard when school started this year and she has quickly become one of my favorite people.  Each school day, Carol waits with a pocket full of treats for the endless train of hounds who literally bound towards her, dragging their owners to the crosswalk for their morning treat.  Sometimes I need to be polite and wait in line behind Sonny, Stella and Fred. But sometimes, I get Carol to myself and she slips me an extra treat (or two!). Most days Carol is the only reason I get out of bed.

So while many of you enjoy the dog days of summer, I will be eagerly awaiting the start of the new school year. Fall can’t come fast enough!

Me, with my dear friend, Carol the Crossing Guard, on the last day of school.


The ‘Burbs

As many of you know, we moved to the ‘burbs recently and boy, things are different here. My walks used to involve a half dozens stops along the way  – crispy noodles at the Chinese take-out, a donut bit on the ground in front of the local bakery, a scoop of vanilla ice cream that some poor child had dropped right outside the door of the soda shop.

I also had many friends along the way– like Butch, who always offered me watermelon from the cup on his scooter (no thank you) or Sarah, who always had cookies waiting for me at her door (more please!).  Come to think of it, I rarely went for a walk that didn’t involve a smorgasbord of delicious street food!

Now my walks consist of country roads, scenic pastures, off-the-leash dog parks and lovely wooded areas.  Yes, I know I am lucky to be in such a beautiful place, but have you ever tried to snack on a mouth full of pine needles? Blechhh!

Me, in my new environment (and probably a little slimmer)…

Sam moseley


OMG. It was February when I last blogged?!?  And there was a blizzard?!? Holy cow. I am really shirking off on this blogging thing. Please forgive me.

I could say that I was solving world peace or trying to find the mystery of life, but really, I was just busy. I can’t even tell you what I was busy doing – except that it seems that there are not enough hours in the day and I am always doing something (napping, preening, sniffing around, napping again). The days fly by and before you know it, it’s June and you are in the middle of a heat wave!

I so appreciate my fans that follow me (thank you) and I will do my best to blog more often. I think I need to start a “To-do” list to make sure I stay on top of things.  But first I need to go chase that furry thing running around in the back yard, and take a nap, and have a snack and….

Bark back (very) soon!

Sam Dog